A twenty years old young man catches my eyes. His name is "Maseng". He is the eldest of five brothers. He never received a formal education but he fought his best for his brothers to stay in school. At the age of 13, he decided to become a "full time farmer". He is the last generation of farmer at Tangkil Kidul village of Cianjur-West Java. He does not have his own land to grow, So he works on rice field and vegetable gardens belong to someone else with minimum wage, but he always grateful for everything he have or don't have.
He was very concern with agriculture because nowadays nobody wants to be a farmer anymore. According to him, human will always need rice and vegetables while most of young man like him prefer to go to big city and work in the urban area.
He has a big question..."Who will grow rice and vegetables for them???" 
He lives in poverty but it seems that Allah SWT always fulfill all his needs in HIS own way.
Maseng simple wish is to be able to learn how to use internet to help him to search some useful information and increase his knowledge on agriculture...Insya Allah...
Amelia Pertiwi Kodrat