This is a story of a 29 years old man named “Awan”. He lived in a small village with his newly married wife at Tangkil Kidul Cianjur-West Java. “Mang Awan” is a simple village man who drawn into the modern era . People known him as a “plowman” Once he had a buffalo to help him plow other people rice field. But he had to sell his buffalo, he thinks buffalo is no longer efficient because you have feed them and taking care of them. After he sold his buffalo, he bought a hand tractor a tractor that run with gasoline to remain to plow other people rice fields. He’s usually very busy after harvest season, “mang awan” is certain people will hired him to plow their rice field. His radius of work is 10 kilometers. He had a wild and unique imagination most of them about technology and modern life style.  
I can say that he’s a gadget maniac but only happened in his imagination mostly due to too much watching soap operas. One of his hilarious expression is he wish to have a remote control tractor some kind of hand tractor but with remote control. Who knows, maybe someday his imagination become reality.